New Delhi World Book Fair 2024-Book Launch Event

Roadmap to Success in Illuminating Shadows

From February 10 to February 18, the eagerly awaited New Delhi Book Fair 2024, which was meticulously put together by the National Book Trust of India, opened. A rich tapestry of ideas and creativity was generated by this large assembly of literary enthusiasts, which included writers, readers, and publishers from several literary genres. Clever Fox Publishing set up a stand among the busy vendors and excited guests, providing an enthralling display of gifted writers and their intriguing books. We were thrilled to have the chance to introduce the world to the voices and tales of these talented writers, one of them being Smita Gupta Agarwal.

In Illuminating Shadows, Smita Gupta Agrawal explores the concept of life leadership while challenging readers to view the trials and tribulations of their lives as opportunities for growth and success. Drawing from her own life she shares valuable insights and also practical strategies to implement in our own lives. The author has had a remarkable journey from a middle-class upbringing to her global recognition as Mrs. India Globe and Mrs. Asia Pacific 2004. As a single-divorced mother, Smita raised her two beloved sons by herself. In her debut book, Smita shares her inspirational journey which is a testament to resilience, determination and the pursuit of dreams.

Illuminating Shadows takes the readers through the LUCKY framework, helping them learn to witness life’s events and emotions without getting lost in them, uncover personalised lessons embedded in life’s challenges, cognize life’s patterns to anticipate and navigate future obstacles, key in and retain empowering memories and insights, and yield to personal growth by proactively learning and unlearning.

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