Introducing Miracles of Work From Home at New Delhi World Book Fair-2024

Book Launch Event

The much-anticipated New Delhi Book Fair 2024 was proudly hosted by the National Book Trust of India from February 10 to February 18, drawing book lovers from all over the world. This distinguished occasion united authors, readers, and publishers from a wide range of literary disciplines, creating a dynamic atmosphere.

Clever Fox Publishing stood out providing an engagement of talented writers and their intriguing works. Rupali Mukherjee, whose most recent book, Miracles of Work From Home, grabbed centre stage. The book explores the ins and outs of remote work and how it affects working moms, delving into the scenario with COVID-19 pandemic. Through the narrative of the protagonist, Drishti, we see the skillful management of difficulties and the victories that working mothers encounter during this crucial moment in time.

Rupali Mukherjee, a passionate educationist and prolific writer, contributes to the literary world by bringing her wealth of knowledge in her writing. Her writing demonstrates her diverse competence, which stems from her vast experience in teaching, curriculum development, and corporate work. She holds degrees in Physics, Education, and Management.

As the New Delhi Book Fair continues to inspire and entertain book lovers, Rupali Mukherjee’s Miracles of Work From Home resonates with readers seeking inspiration and a deeper understand of the contemporary work environment as she draws from her personal life experiences as a working mother and a survivor of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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