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This little book of short stories packs quite a punch, effortlessly switching from one genre to another. The author weaves a captivating account through her narration, transitioning from simple romance to spinning a web of mystery to frivolous subjects involving comedy and ghosts to the ghastly effects of war and animal sacrifice. Using levity, the author presents an astounding insight into the frailty of human mind.


STOP LIVING YOUR LIFE BY CHANCE! TAKE CONTROL AND USE 7 SUCCESS PRINCIPLES TO ENGINEER YOUR IMAGINATION LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT! • Have you initiated a task but never followed through with it? • Do you have an unfulfilled dream?

भावनाओं का विस्तार : UNLOCKING EMOTIONS

This collection of 30 poems convey a range of emotions, feelings, views, reflections which we all go through but may not express openly. Each Hindi poem has its English translation and a sketch to complement it.


Embark on a journey into the future with “Sustainable India,” a revolutionary blueprint that charts the course for India’s transformation into a sustainable superpower in 50 years.

Crimson Roses & Hidden Desire

Crimson Roses & Hidden Desire follows Aisha as she joins her school's football team to find purpose but gets entangled with a charismatic jock and a polished peer, uncovering hidden secrets. This captivating young adult novel blends romance, mystery, and self-discovery, perfect for teens seeking an engaging read.

I Shouldn't Have Done This: A Heartfelt Love Story

In "I Shouldn't Have Done This," follow Meet's journey of love, self-discovery, and redemption amidst the vibrant cityscape of Delhi and the complexities of college life. After an accident at his collegiate orientation, Meet's life changes as he meets Seerat, with whom he falls in love. Their romance faces trials, including rejection and political turmoil in Kashmir. As Meet seeks redemption and reconciliation following Seerat's tragic accident, he learns that true happiness comes from accepting responsibility for his choices.

కురుక్షేత్రం 2.0 (Kurukshetram 2.0): పిల్లల్లో క్యాన్సర్ పై యుద్ధం (Awareness on Childhood Cancer)

This book provides a comprehensive guide to managing pediatric cancer, drawing from extensive experience in pediatric hemato-oncology. It offers insights into the experiences of parents and patients, dispels myths, and presents facts about cancer treatment. Covering social, cultural, financial, and medical aspects, it's a valuable resource for doctors, nurses, parents, and relatives involved in the care of children with cancer

Human or Humor Resource

Human or Humor Resource: HR Tales That Will Make You Chuckle & Rethink the 9-to-5 Stories

This book is an essential guide for freshers starting their first job and a refresher for anyone anxious about transitioning to a new workplace. It covers the psychology of an employee's work life, from joining and office interactions to promotions and retirement. With practical advice and easy-to-understand language, it helps readers navigate the complexities of office life and develop a positive work attitude.

Unlock Your Power like a Phoenix: Embrace the Transformation and Manifest Your Dream Based on 12 Life-Changing Stories

This book offers fictional stories that impart valuable life lessons focused on the spiritual realm, personal development, and mindset transformation. While some chapters draw on Hindu rituals, the content is designed for individuals of all religious backgrounds, with no specific mention of any religion, caste, or group. Dedicated to every individual on our planet, the book embraces universal unity and is open to anyone who aspires to rise like a phoenix.

Arctic Fox and Snowy Owl

In a fragile Arctic world, a hungry Arctic Fox ventures out on a cold winter morning and unexpectedly meets a Snowy Owl. Their unlikely friendship blossoms as they explore their rapidly changing environment and journey from one home to another. Through captivating illustrations, this book gently introduces young readers to the impact of climate change on animals and their habitats, while providing meaningful tips on how children can help slow global warming.

Flames and Shadows: The Lost Quest

When Evie and Isabelle are swept into a magical kingdom far from their New York home, they face a great threat that seeks to destroy them. To stop this evil, they must embark on a perilous journey through the realms, a quest never before attempted in the history of the magical world.Joined by their friends, Evie and Isabelle must hunt down the only things that can save them all. As they navigate a world of magic, adventure, flames, and shadows, the fate of the world rests in their hands. But with darkness close behind, will the sisters and their friends overcome the trials of magic, or will they succumb to the shadows?

The Immature Naturalist: My Delicious Salad Days

Join the author on a nostalgic journey through childhood, filled with humorous encounters with critters both wild and domestic. From narrow escapes from cobras and defiant cockroaches to playful dogs, nutty squirrels, inquisitive lizards, and vengeful monkeys, these tales capture the essence of growing up surrounded by nature's wonders. Relive the joys of tree-climbing school days, neighborhood adventures, and the small miracles found in your own backyard. Through her lively anecdotes, explore the human and animal psyche and the unique bond shared between two-legged and four-legged friends.

Scoopz Comics - Vol 1

Scoopz Comics transforms short content into a journey of profound exploration, using visually engaging and thought-provoking comics to delve into life, philosophy, and societal issues. Each strip captures the complexities of everyday existence, blending wit, insight, and humor to explore themes like love, loss, identity, and meaning. This collection offers a mirror to the human soul, reflecting our shared humanity and the beauty in life's simplest moments. Prepare to be inspired and moved as you embark on this visual odyssey through the depths of the human heart. Scoopz Comics is a celebration of life itself.

Birdie tell me more...

Anju Pradhan, a lifelong dreamer, believes in the power of imagination and the magic within every person. She encourages everyone to embrace their inner child and explore the wonders of the universe. According to Anju, keeping our conscience pure is key, as God resides in our hearts. Viewing the universe as her home and all people as her family, she invites readers to join her in a journey of self-discovery and enchantment.

New Horizon of Mission: Life and Contribution of Rev. Dr. Bobby Chellappan

This book is lovingly dedicated to my late husband, Rev. Dr. Bobby Chellappan. He was a devoted husband, a wonderful father, and an inspiring Pastor, Teacher, Manager, and Mentor. Bobby's life was a testament to Christ's teachings, leaving a legacy for many to follow. May this book inspire you to fulfill your God-given mission on earth, just as Bobby did.


Indian monitoring system leading safe coin leading to world currency (Cryptocurrency) & Introduction

Growing Happy Minds - Unlock Positive Mindset In Kids

**"Unlock Positive Mindset in Kids"** aims to empower parents, educators, and caregivers with practical tips and strategies rooted in the law of attraction to nurture a positive mindset in children. By fostering optimism, resilience, and self-belief, this book equips kids to navigate challenges gracefully, bounce back from setbacks, and unlock their full potential. It promotes law of attraction techniques to add value to millions of lives, helping raise successful individuals for future generations. Embark on a transformative journey to cultivate confidence, resilience, and joy in children through the powerful tools and strategies presented in this book.


This book is designed for beginners to grasp the intricacies of horoscope reading and astrology with a contemporary approach. The revised edition provides step-by-step guidance for interpreting horoscopes, starting with an introduction to Rasi Mandal, Nakshatras, and Planets. It outlines seven essential steps for horoscope interpretation, rationally linking Bhavas and Bhavathipathis. The timing of events is explained through the Dasa System and Transit (Gochara). The book simplifies fascinating Yogas and includes practical illustrations, case studies, astrological charts, and tabulations to enhance understanding. With its concise narration, this book aims to dispel confusion and offer valuable insights, encouraging readers to delve deeper into astrology.

Beyond the Numbers: Elevating Sales Negotiation from Transactional to Transformational

**Beyond the Numbers: Elevating Sales Negotiation from Transactional to Transformational** is an essential guide for sales professionals seeking to evolve from mere salespeople to long-term business associates. This insightful tome delves into the art and science of negotiation, offering a comprehensive overview of strategies from foundational principles to advanced tactics. It serves as the perfect mentor for management students, working professionals, and MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) owners, empowering them with the skills to build rapport, trust, and value. This guide will help you navigate objections, embrace continuous improvement, and stay industry-savvy. Master the finesse of negotiation, turn it into a life skill, and join the ranks of esteemed negotiators who make every deal count.

The Indus Quest

**The Indus Quest** is a fast-paced political thriller with a historical twist by Ranjan Mitra. Archaeologist Subhadra Acharya reunites with an old friend, Dwip Ray, only to be abducted that night. The kidnappers seek an artifact tied to a four-thousand-year-old mystery with explosive consequences for modern India. Alongside Intelligence Bureau's Walter Chacko, they navigate ancient sites and unravel a conspiracy that could reshape the nation's future.**Praise for The Indus Quest:**"An edge-of-the-seat thriller, from the first page onwards." —Shirish Thorat, author & screenplay writer"Ranjan has created a fascinating world with compelling characters and a thrilling storyline." —Rahil Nadiadwala, writer & film director

Diary of a Sub-Divisional Police Officer

**Diary of a Sub-Divisional Police Officer** by Kuldip Sharma offers an authentic glimpse into law enforcement from February 1979 to August 1980. Serving in Palitana, Gujarat, Sharma provides a detailed narrative of real-time investigations and supervision of serious crimes, including murder, dacoity, robbery, and riots. This book is invaluable for current and aspiring police officers, elucidating methods and procedures of the era while capturing the social norms and intricacies of policing in the late 1970s and early 1980s. More than a memoir, it serves as a historical document with lasting relevance.

The Taste Of Happiness: Recipes of Biryani/ Pulao, Memories & More...

Embark on a journey through the diverse flavors of biryanis, intricately woven with the threads of my nostalgic childhood memories. Within the pages, you will also discover a glimpse of my native land, Goa, through personally captured photography, adding a vivid and personal touch to the culinary and cultural narrative.


Sri Bijayananda Mishra, born on February 10, 1951, in Keonjhar, Orissa, is an accomplished engineer and writer. He graduated in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering in 1977 and earned a post-graduation in Computer Engineering Data Processing in 1988. His career spanned roles as a telecommunication engineer and a key contributor to the computerization of banking in Orissa. Retired since 2014, he now dedicates his time to meditation and writing, despite overcoming a severe brain injury in 2016. "PETALS" marks his debut as a poet. Fluent in Oriya, English, and Hindi, Mishra continues to write with a deep passion for spirituality and friendship.


Sri Bijayananda Mishra, born on February 10, 1951, in Keonjhar, Orissa, is a retired telecommunication engineer who now resides in Cuttack. He holds degrees in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (1977) and Computer Engineering Data Processing (1988). His career includes significant contributions to the Orissa State Electricity Board and the computerization of banking networks in Orissa. After a brain injury in 2016 and a successful recovery by 2018, he now focuses on meditation and writing. His debut book, "PETALS," features his poems. He is fluent in Oriya, English, and Hindi.


Discover the profound science of Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotish, rooted in India's rich yogic culture. This book guides beginners through both basic and advanced concepts of astrology, including Atmakarak, combust, retrograde, and badhak planets. Each topic is explained scientifically, with insights into past life karma. Weekly doubt-clearing sessions for 60 days ensure personalized learning. Dive into blank chart predictions and master the secrets of Karma and Destiny with our comprehensive guide. Detach emotions from events and attach them to space and time with Vedic Astrology.

Growing Up Tales: A Timeless Journey

"Some intertwined tales of coming of age" captures the essence of girls growing and navigating life's bittersweet moments in the late 80s and early 90s. Through a mix of lighthearted and profound short stories, it evokes nostalgia and depicts the shenanigans of childhood, reflecting relatable experiences that shaped the adults they are today.


"Beautiful in God's Eyes - The Purpose and Power of Women" is a transformative book for women of all ages, exploring the unique strengths and divine purpose within them. Rooted in the Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), it inspires women to embrace their authentic selves and recognize their exceptional qualities, fostering personal growth and spiritual connection.

Growing Up Tales: A Timeless Journey

"Some intertwined tales of coming of age" captures the essence of girls growing and navigating life's bittersweet moments in the late 80s and early 90s. Through a mix of lighthearted and profound short stories, it evokes nostalgia and depicts the shenanigans of childhood, reflecting relatable experiences that shaped the adults they are today.


Just out of College. Completed 5 years in your first job and wondering what to do next. More than a decade of experience and you have that terrible itch to completely renounce the role you are performing and try something radically different. 21st Century careers vary drastically from the ones that existed in the last century. The myriad of options you have can propel you to action in terms of preparing and acting on the opportunities you get. Consequently, a multitude of choices also paralyze decision making. Admits and Offers by Aniruddha helps young professionals to navigate early and mid-career options through the scaffolding of systems to prepare and decide on college admissions and job offers.

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