New Delhi World Book Fair 2024-Book Launch Event

Overcome Life’s Challenges to Break Free to Break Through

The New Delhi Book Fair 2024, which the National Book Trust of India organised, was
scheduled from February 10 to February 18. This prestigious literary event united authors,
readers and publishers across various genres and interests. Clever Fox Publishing had set
up its own stall at this book fair to highlight an array of talented authors with interesting titles
we have the pleasure of working along with.
At this year’s New Delhi Book Fair, Clever Fox Publishing launched a new book, Break Free
to Break Through. Jatin Gupta, also known as Inspiring Jatin, a well-known life coach and
best-selling author, has announced the publication of his most recent book, Break Free to
Break Through – Shit Happens In Life; Your Happiness Is Your Responsibility. With the help
of this transforming manual, readers will be able to accept their own self-belief, conquer life’s
challenges, and succeed in every area of their lives.
Inspiring Jatin offers readers significant insights and useful techniques in Break Free to
Break Through which aims to help them let go of their previous pain, guilt, and discomfort.
He reminds readers that difficulties are a normal part of life’s journey and provides advice on
overcoming them with perseverance and hope by drawing on his own and other people’s
Leading life coach, Guinness World Record winner, TEDx speaker, and four-time worldwide
bestselling book Jatin is inspiring. His goal is to provide people the skills and knowledge they
need to overcome obstacles in life and completely change their lives. Apart from penning
best-selling novels, Inspiring Jatin also provides training and mentorship to young writers as
a part of Skill India’s certification programme.

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