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    One of today’s Arahants, the author, Dr Ariyathushel Arahant was exposed to Buddha’s teachings and practices at a very young age. Although Dr Ariyathushel Arahant was drawn to Buddha’s teachings since a child, she did not share her Dhamma knowledge before her full enlightenment as it was felt not appropriate to share something without gaining a full understanding of Nibbana. Unless one gains Nibbana, it is reasonable to expect that one will be unable to explain the training path that leads to Nibbana. Thus, it is only after attaining Arahantship, that Dr Ariyathushel Arahant discusses the training path that leads to Nibbana for the benefit of fellow Dhamma practitioners who are seeking Nibbana.About other subject knowledge, Dr Ariyathushel Arahant’s other expertise include scientific research in the areas of mind, mental health, emotions, and feelings, well-beings, social learning, divisions, and research methods, and many more. She has experience in teaching and supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students from various countries in the UK universities, and several other universities in the world. She has a B.A (Psychology), M.P.M (Psychology), Ph.D., M.A (Buddhist Studies), PGCE (Cognitive Behavioral Science), PGCE (Research Methods), PGCE (Higher Education), Certificate in Agent based modelling for the Social Scientist, Certificate in Systematic Review & Meta-analysis, Professional Certificate in Statistics, Research Modelling with Mplus, Certificate of Multilevel Modelling for Scientists, Certificate in Pali, Advanced Diploma in French, Advanced Diploma in Japanese, Visharad in Music (equivalent to B.A Music), Diploma in Instrumental Music, and Certificate in Good Clinical Practice (GCP), UK. Her general interest includes contributing towards enhancing health and well-being outcomes and serving humanity.Spiritual practice is not something separate from daily life. There is a path and practice for gaining Nibbana based on right understanding. Given that the teachings leading to Nibbana are based on the right understanding, to develop the deep understanding of the teachings of Buddha leading to Nibbana, there is a need to go beyond ordinary views to gain noble views and go beyond ordinary techniques to train in the noble techniques. Training path leading to Nibbana can be developed by hearing a few right words, the books written by Dr Ariyathushel Arahant serves towards describing the practice leading to Nibbana beyond ordinary ways, and will contribute to those who aspire to gain Nibbana and that they will be able to fulfil their wishes.
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    Dr. shalini Mehta is a multidimensional transformation expert integrating astrology , vastu ,deep parenting and life coaching to empower individuals, she utilizes a holistic approaches to address her client needs helping them navigate life challenges and achieves personal growth . Drawing from 28 years of experience and extensive training in various disciplines ,Dr Shalini Mehta offers a diverse range of services, including coaching ,mentoring, courses ,and consultantions. whether through life coaching ,NLP, Graphotherapy, Hypnotherapy, or Mindfulness practices she guides individuals on their journeys of self -discovery and empowerment. with a passion for sharing her knowledge Dr Mehta actively educates and inspire others through her work as therapist ,consultant and platform speaker. Her expertise spans various domains, including astrology, vaastu ,and Personal Development, empowering individuals to embrace their full potential and live fulfilling lives.
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    Architects of confidence : Building strong kids to thrive in challenging world

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  • I am a frank, cheerful, ambitious, adventurous and possessive woman, very much in love with life. I play all those natural roles of being a daughter, a sister, a wife, a DIL, SIL etc. but I am mostly occupied with my role of a mother of two kids- a boy and a girl, both equally naughty and cute at the same time. To the best of my intentions, I am sincere in relationships and responsibilities, and things that matter to me... and I value friendship a lot. I love reading, writing, travelling and gardening... all this while listening to or murmuring a song! If I have missed telling something you wish to know about me, you may safely consider guessing what a 'Typical Aries Woman' is all about... It will probably be true for me, leaving exceptions. Academically, I have earned a degree as a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Branch. Later did a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resource Management. With a few jobs on and off, even while studying, I have some experience with multinationals, private as well as govt sector, and I continue to enjoy my time working and learning just anywhere, be it home or office. (Height of Flexibility with a Pinch of Rigidity that makes me so moody!)Nevertheless, as you read my books, blogs, write-ups, comments etc. you will surely get to know me better and form your own opinion about me... So, till then, I hope the above information will satisfy your curiosity about me as an AUTHOR!
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    Human or Humor Resource : HR Tales That Will Make You Chuckle & Rethink the 9-to-5 Stories

  • Anshu Joshi Singh is a luminous figure emerging from the misty peaks of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India, where she orchestrates a symphony of creativity and wisdom. At 50, she exudes a magnetic aura, seamlessly blending the roles of a nurturing mother and a trailblazing professional. A beacon of inspiration, Anshu has not only embraced her roles as a devoted mother and seasoned professional but has also etched her mark as a prolific author, with an impressive repertoire of more than six published books to her credit. With a distinguished academic background boasting degrees in Science, law, and computer science, Anshu embarked on a transformative journey that defied the bounds of convention. Her insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge led her down diverse paths, where she honed her expertise in design, education, and the mystical realm of numerology. Anshu's prowess as a designer transcends mere aesthetics; her creations are imbued with soul and substance, echoing the rugged beauty of her mountainous homeland. As an educator, she serves as a beacon of enlightenment, igniting the flames of passion and curiosity in the hearts of her students. But Anshu's impact extends far beyond the classroom walls. As a motivational luminary, she captivates audiences with her electrifying presence and profound insights, inspiring them to embrace their inherent greatness and pursue their dreams with unwavering determination. In the realm of art, Anshu's strokes wield the power of alchemy, transforming blank canvases into portals of enchantment that transport viewers to realms of sublime beauty and introspection. Her paintings, infused with the essence of nature's grandeur, serve as windows to the soul, inviting contemplation and reverence. Yet, Anshu's talents are not confined to the tangible; she possesses a rare gift for deciphering the enigmatic language of numbers as a skilled numerologist. With a keen understanding of numerological principles, she unveils the hidden patterns and cosmic forces shaping individuals' destinies, guiding them toward self-discovery and fulfillment. Beyond her professional endeavors, Anshu is a captivating motivational speaker who captures audiences with her profound insights and magnetic presence. Her words resonate deeply, igniting inspiration and empowerment wherever she goes. Driven by her passion for personal growth and transformation, Anshu aspires to become a beacon of guidance as a life coach, guiding others toward realizing their fullest potential and living a life of abundance and fulfillment. Anshu Joshi Singh's journey is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and boundless creativity. With each endeavor she undertakes, she leaves an indelible mark on the world, inspiring others to reach for the stars and make their dreams a reality.
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    THE HUMAN IMPACT – WHO TAKES THE BURDEN OF MY ERRORS : To Err Is Human – Who Bears My Mistakes

  • BVD Prasada Rao (Battula Venkata Durga Prasada Rao) Telugu Writer, Blogger, Vlogger. This Author's Blog - BVD Prasadarao Blog (https://bvdprasadarao-pvp.blogspot.com)
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    Amavasya Vennela

  • Priyadarshini Behera is a 36-year-old Writer, Motivational Speaker, Social media Influencer and Life Transformation Coach. She was born in a small village from the state of Odisha and country India. Afterwards she moved to Denmark to live with her husband and son. Priyadarshini’s early career consisted of working as a civil engineer and entrepreneurship in the construction world. However, it was 2017, when Priyadarshini was going through a serious inflection in her life. The title of Civil Engineer was not exciting for her life purpose after all having everything in life. She had to allow herself to unfold the reality in the next coming years when she was found through an awakening. She hired herself with a few mentors where she could discover herself as Life transformation coach. She began her life with the purpose of helping people transform their lives through her coaching programme. Her Coaching has helped thousands of people in manifesting their dream life that they ever wished for. Another way she decided to write her first book to inspire and help people who are going through several life challenges like career, finance, relationship, health which bring them into depression, anxiety and putting their life into stuck. Priyadarshini believes in spirituality and her vision is to transform millions of people’s lives worldwide. Her few words “Never Stop Dreaming “. “Live life without regret”.” “Before searching outside anything, manifest within.”
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    Unlock Your Power like a Phoenix: Embrace the Transformation and Manifest Your Dream Based on 12 Life-Changing Stories

  • Born in 1954, Muriel Adam grew up in a typical middle-class Christian family in New Delhi, India. She is a BSc. graduate from Miranda House, Delhi University, and a post-graduate in Botany from Jodhpur University (now Jai Narain Vyas University), Rajasthan. She worked for 36 years in the banking industry. She was posted at various stations in India. This gave her an opportunity to come in contact with the people of different walks of life, their life styles, their traditions etc. She is also a diploma holder in Professional Fine Arts. She is a fun loving person who enjoys life’s every moment as a blessing. .She is creative. Drawing and painting are her passion. Apart from this, she loves to do gardening and read spiritual books in her spare time. This book is her first venture into the field of authorship and also as an illustrator, Being born in early 50s, she has been a witness to drastic technological changes all around which have upgraded the social, economical, financial status of an average Indian thereby influencing their entire outlook towards values in life. In her book, she has related some of her experiences from her unique journey through life wherein she emphasises the fact that change is the way of life and one must keep adopting those changes which are uplifting and progressive.
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    7 Lessons I Learned In My Life : A Collection of Short Stories from My Life That Helped Me Evolve

  • Aditi Singhal (Author)
    Aditi Singhal is an international memory trainer, author, motivational speaker, counsellor and Vedic Math expert par excellence. She, along with co-author Sudhir Singhal, has to her credit the Guinness World Record for conducting the largest maths class. She has also been awarded three national records by the Limca Book of Records and been given The Best Memory Trainer award by the India Book of Records. Along with Sudhir Singhal, she has authored four bestselling books-How to Memorize Anything, How to Become a Human Calculator, How to be a Math Magician (a flip book) and The Ultimate Memory Handbook for Students.

    Sudhir Singhal (Author)
    Sudhir Singhal is a dynamic trainer, author, motivational speaker and counsellor. Along with co-author Aditi Singhal, he has to his credit the Guinness World Record for conducting the largest maths class and a world record in the Limca Book of Records. He has over fifteen years' experience in different fields like technology, programming, management and education. Aditi Singhal and Sudhir Singhal have authored four bestselling books together-How to Memorize Anything, How to Become a Human Calculator, How to Be a Math Magician (a flip book) and The Ultimate Memory Handbook for Students.

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    How to Be a Mathemagician