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    Dr. shalini Mehta is a multidimensional transformation expert integrating astrology , vastu ,deep parenting and life coaching to empower individuals, she utilizes a holistic approaches to address her client needs helping them navigate life challenges and achieves personal growth . Drawing from 28 years of experience and extensive training in various disciplines ,Dr Shalini Mehta offers a diverse range of services, including coaching ,mentoring, courses ,and consultantions. whether through life coaching ,NLP, Graphotherapy, Hypnotherapy, or Mindfulness practices she guides individuals on their journeys of self -discovery and empowerment. with a passion for sharing her knowledge Dr Mehta actively educates and inspire others through her work as therapist ,consultant and platform speaker. Her expertise spans various domains, including astrology, vaastu ,and Personal Development, empowering individuals to embrace their full potential and live fulfilling lives.
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    Architects of confidence : Building strong kids to thrive in challenging world

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