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  • I am a frank, cheerful, ambitious, adventurous and possessive woman, very much in love with life. I play all those natural roles of being a daughter, a sister, a wife, a DIL, SIL etc. but I am mostly occupied with my role of a mother of two kids- a boy and a girl, both equally naughty and cute at the same time. To the best of my intentions, I am sincere in relationships and responsibilities, and things that matter to me... and I value friendship a lot. I love reading, writing, travelling and gardening... all this while listening to or murmuring a song! If I have missed telling something you wish to know about me, you may safely consider guessing what a 'Typical Aries Woman' is all about... It will probably be true for me, leaving exceptions. Academically, I have earned a degree as a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Branch. Later did a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resource Management. With a few jobs on and off, even while studying, I have some experience with multinationals, private as well as govt sector, and I continue to enjoy my time working and learning just anywhere, be it home or office. (Height of Flexibility with a Pinch of Rigidity that makes me so moody!)Nevertheless, as you read my books, blogs, write-ups, comments etc. you will surely get to know me better and form your own opinion about me... So, till then, I hope the above information will satisfy your curiosity about me as an AUTHOR!
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    Human or Humor Resource : HR Tales That Will Make You Chuckle & Rethink the 9-to-5 Stories

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    Secured National Scholarship in Higher Secondary Examination held in 1988.Passed B.E. (Civil) from Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur under University of Calcutta in the year 1971 and obtained University Gold Medal, K.B. Bose Memorial Silver Medal and Slater Bronze Medal.Passed Combined Engineering Services (CES) examination held in 1972 and worked in Central Public Works Department (CPWD) till January 1984.During the course of service in CPWD, passed LL.B. examination under University of Calcutta and enrolled as an advocate in the year 1984 after resigning from the post of Executive Engineer, CPWD.An empanelled arbitrator in the Indian Council of Arbitration, New Delhi.A Fellow of Institution of Engineers (FIE) (India) and a Chartered Engineer of Institution of Engineers (India).A life member of Indian Law Institute, New Delhi.A Techno-Legal Counsel and also an Arbitrator in hundreds of arbitration cases (both domestic and international), relating to works contract inter alia for massive housing projects. dams, hydro-electric projects, atomic power plant, port dock and harbour projects, thermal power stations, large signalling contracts of railways, railway track laying work by track laying machine, bridges, express highways etc.
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  • I am a Social Media Sava, YouTube Blogger, and an Author. I am on the Journey of Writing Books on Different book Genres! My First Book is Titled as Earn Money 24 Hours A Day & 7 Day A Week ! Passive Income Even After You Die ! ! ! is Published, which is a Non-Friction Genere. Next, I am planning to Publish another Non-Friction Book which will be talking about converting Your Thoughts to Action and convert it into Wealth ! I am also planning to write a Poetry Book and a Novel, My Poetry Idea is to talk about Behaviour and Actions as a Poem. And Novel will be on all of these on Walk of a Man's Life. I Have started my journey and It's on hand of my Readers and Viewers who buy my Books. Who are going to bring in Success in my Journey ! Thanks in Advance - Joel John J, Author
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    Earn Money 24 Hours A Day & 7 Day A Week ! Passive Income Even After You Die ! ! ! : Convert Day Dreaming To Action & Reality Open The Power of Your Subconscious Mind ! ! ! Become an Influencer !

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    Raman Bansal, hailing from a Small town of Punjab, i.e. DHURI(Sangrur) is a seasoned start-up enthusiast, an author, an engineer and an educator. With a degree in Electronics & Communication and having 24 years of working experience with both established corporations and nimble start-ups, Raman brings a unique perspective to his writing, blending academic insights with practical, hands-on experience. Raman Bansal has already written 4 books, available on Amazon (Both Physical & EBook) and Start-up Engineering is his 5th book. He has also an experience of creating a K12 CBSE affiliated School and His many articles on education have been featured in leading education magazines. He is also appreciated by Ministry of IT and IIT Roorkee during his professional corporate career.
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    Startup Engineering

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