Rise to Influence Launched at New Delhi World Book Fair 2024

The New Delhi Book Fair 2024 opened its doors on February 10th, carefully organised by the National Book Trust of India. This bustling gathering welcomed literary enthusiasts of all stripes, from writers and readers to publishers, creating a vibrant hub of ideas and inspiration. Amidst the diverse array of exhibitors, Clever Fox Publishing made a notable impression, showcasing talented writers and their compelling books.

In the midst of the lively event, Clever Fox Publishing was excited to share the voices and stories of gifted writers with attendees. A highlight of the fair was the launch of Rise to Influence by Sachin Jain on February 15. Sachin Jain is not just an author but a Management Consultant, TEDx Speaker, and Life Coach with a passion for empowering individuals to reach their full potential. With an MBA in International Marketing and certifications from prestigious institutions like IIM Bangalore and HSE University, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his work. Through his consulting firm, MyLakshay Consulting, he has helped countless professionals achieve unprecedented success while living fulfilled lives.

Rise to Influence enables you to have the tools and mindset you need to manage the difficulties of the working world with useful insights and doable tactics. This book is a priceless resource for anybody looking to advance, gain influence, and succeed in their career—whether they are seasoned executives or budding professionals.

In Rise to Influence, Sachin Jain presents the PEANUTS framework, a roadmap to success comprising Purpose, Equanimity, Attitude, Networking, Unwavering Ethics, Time Management, and Self Learning. Each element plays a crucial role in shaping your professional journey. Discover your Purpose and align it with your goals, maintain Equanimity in the face of challenges, cultivate a positive Attitude to stand out, harness the power of Networking for growth, uphold Unwavering Ethics in all endeavours, master Time Management for efficiency, and embrace Self Learning for continuous growth and success.

Are you prepared to reach new professional heights? Don’t pass up the chance to get a copy of Rise to Influence and start your road towards fulfilment and professional advancement.

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