Speak With Your Eyes Launched At New Delhi World Book Fair-2024

The New Delhi Book Fair 2024 kicked off on February 10. This eagerly awaited event was meticulously organised by the National Book Trust of India. This dynamic gathering of literary enthusiasts, including writers, readers, and publishers from diverse genres, became a vibrant mix of ideas and creativity.

Among the bustling crowd, Clever Fox Publishing made its mark. A captivating array of talented writers and their compelling books were not only displayed but also launched. It was a thrilling opportunity for us to showcase these voices and narratives to the world. In particular, Reshmi Nair Ghosh unveiled her book Speak With Your Eyes on February 14, 2024, adding another layer of excitement and depth to the fair’s literary offerings.

Speak With Your Eyes examines a number of nonverbal communication topics, such as the expressive power of the eyes and the subtle meanings behind varied brow motions and grins. Ghosh expertly addresses subjects like emotional analysis, personal growth, and the significance of facial expressions in interpersonal relationships, providing readers with insightful knowledge and useful strategies for improving their communication abilities.

The author offers a lot of knowledge to her study of human behaviour and emotion as a trained counsellor, NLP master practitioner, and soft skills and corporate trainer. In every chapter of Speak With Your Eyes, her dedication to aiding others in achieving personal progress and her love for comprehending the complexities of the human mind are distinctly evident.

The author explores the complex subtleties of nonverbal communication with descriptions and real-world examples, taking readers on a journey of self-discovery and deeper relational understanding. She provides readers with the equipment to understand the nonverbal language of emotions by drawing on her vast expertise in education, counselling, and human behaviour, as well as her broad cultural background.

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