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    Anshu Joshi Singh is a luminous figure emerging from the misty peaks of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India, where she orchestrates a symphony of creativity and wisdom. At 50, she exudes a magnetic aura, seamlessly blending the roles of a nurturing mother and a trailblazing professional. A beacon of inspiration, Anshu has not only embraced her roles as a devoted mother and seasoned professional but has also etched her mark as a prolific author, with an impressive repertoire of more than six published books to her credit.With a distinguished academic background boasting degrees in Science, law, and computer science, Anshu embarked on a transformative journey that defied the bounds of convention. Her insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge led her down diverse paths, where she honed her expertise in design, education, and the mystical realm of numerology.Anshu's prowess as a designer transcends mere aesthetics; her creations are imbued with soul and substance, echoing the rugged beauty of her mountainous homeland. As an educator, she serves as a beacon of enlightenment, igniting the flames of passion and curiosity in the hearts of her students.But Anshu's impact extends far beyond the classroom walls. As a motivational luminary, she captivates audiences with her electrifying presence and profound insights, inspiring them to embrace their inherent greatness and pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.In the realm of art, Anshu's strokes wield the power of alchemy, transforming blank canvases into portals of enchantment that transport viewers to realms of sublime beauty and introspection. Her paintings, infused with the essence of nature's grandeur, serve as windows to the soul, inviting contemplation and reverence.Yet, Anshu's talents are not confined to the tangible; she possesses a rare gift for deciphering the enigmatic language of numbers as a skilled numerologist. With a keen understanding of numerological principles, she unveils the hidden patterns and cosmic forces shaping individuals' destinies, guiding them toward self-discovery and fulfillment.Beyond her professional endeavors, Anshu is a captivating motivational speaker who captures audiences with her profound insights and magnetic presence. Her words resonate deeply, igniting inspiration and empowerment wherever she goes.Driven by her passion for personal growth and transformation, Anshu aspires to become a beacon of guidance as a life coach, guiding others toward realizing their fullest potential and living a life of abundance and fulfillment.Anshu Joshi Singh's journey is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and boundless creativity. With each endeavor she undertakes, she leaves an indelible mark on the world, inspiring others to reach for the stars and make their dreams a reality.

    SWARN BANI : Sahaj Shabads for Healing

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