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    Nidhi is Head of the Teaching Department and a founding member of Ayushman Yog. She has been a yoga practitioner since a young age and always had a thing for learning. As her practice progressed, her curiosity for learning more about Yogic science grew stronger, she eventually did her Level -1 Yoga Teachers Training Course from Nityam Yoga Institute. The amazing teachers of Nityam encouraged her to see Yoga in its true essence, beyond the asanas. This led her to study traditional scriptures such as Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gherand Samhita etc. Yogic science is so vast that the more you learn, the more you want to learn. Soon she came across the globally recognized certifications conducted by the Yoga Certification Board. Confident in her previous preparation she decided to pursue Level 3- Yoga Teacher and Evaluator. The aptly structured syllabus of the YCB course introduced her to the great knowledge of Veda and Upanishads. Post clearing the YCB Level 3, she decided to further her learning with an MSc (Yoga) and an MSc (Vedanta). Apart from Complete Guidebook For YCB Level 2 Yoga TTC, she has also authored compiled study material for Complete Guidebook For YCB Level 1 Yoga TTC in English as well as in Hindi, Complete Guidebook For YCB Level 3 Yoga TTC, and a Question bank with over 1500 Multiple choice questions for YCB exams. Nidhi has put her heart and soul into compiling this guidebook as she understands the difficulties faced by the students in finding the right kind of study material. It’s our heartfelt wish that our learners find this useful. We wish all the very best to the aspirants, may you all be full, healthy and wise! Nidhi can be reached @ yogafitness.nidhi@gmail.com
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    Complete Guidebook For YCB Level 2 Yoga TTC : Yoga Wellness Instructor

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  • I am a frank, cheerful, ambitious, adventurous and possessive woman, very much in love with life. I play all those natural roles of being a daughter, a sister, a wife, a DIL, SIL etc. but I am mostly occupied with my role of a mother of two kids- a boy and a girl, both equally naughty and cute at the same time. To the best of my intentions, I am sincere in relationships and responsibilities, and things that matter to me... and I value friendship a lot. I love reading, writing, travelling and gardening... all this while listening to or murmuring a song! If I have missed telling something you wish to know about me, you may safely consider guessing what a 'Typical Aries Woman' is all about... It will probably be true for me, leaving exceptions. Academically, I have earned a degree as a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Branch. Later did a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resource Management. With a few jobs on and off, even while studying, I have some experience with multinationals, private as well as govt sector, and I continue to enjoy my time working and learning just anywhere, be it home or office. (Height of Flexibility with a Pinch of Rigidity that makes me so moody!)Nevertheless, as you read my books, blogs, write-ups, comments etc. you will surely get to know me better and form your own opinion about me... So, till then, I hope the above information will satisfy your curiosity about me as an AUTHOR!
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    Human or Humor Resource : HR Tales That Will Make You Chuckle & Rethink the 9-to-5 Stories

  • Debjani Pathak is an Assistant Professor in Education, functioning on behalf of Sonarpur College under Calcutta University. Apart from her profound knowledge in Educational Psychology, she is an effective and outcome -oriented Facilitator. By deploying multifarious techniques of Facilitation, she ensures proactive participation and deep engagement of the learners in the learning process She gets her learners engaged in games, simulations and role-plays relevant to the curriculum. Eventually she facilitates the learners to unleash their latent potential and to elicit learning inputs from the incurred experiences. Her empathetic sensitivity to the needs and problems of the learners has impelled her to adopt and practice the “Guide by the Side” Model
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    Behavioural Change in Teaching

  • IonTach Academy is dedicated to publishing a broad range of publications on a variety of subjects, particularly for students around the world. IonTach Academy constantly picks the greatest team of industry professionals to provide books with distinctive content. IonTach Academy strives to assist its readers in experiencing a live teaching experience in addition to the conventional guides readily available on the market. The goal of IonTach Academy's Vedic Maths book is to revolutionize the way students approach mathematics education.
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    Vedic Maths