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    Sarbashis Kumar Paul is a bilingual poet, editor, author, novelist, social worker, journalist, and teacher of Mathematics .His editorials, book reviews, and writings on various issues have been published in India's leading newspapers and magazines. His poems and articles have been published in many national and international books. He is the author of poetry books in English entitled " Gravity: A collection of poems "," Immortal Imagination ", "Mathematics: In my Heart" and Bengali " Sasim Theke Asime".He has compiled and edited international anthologies entitled " Versatile Verses ", Heart of Lightness", "New Dawn",” Bliss”," Inner Peace" ,"Introspection "and an anthology in Bengali "Alor Pathe". He has compiled and edited international books of articles entitled " Peace: A pathway to Love and Harmony ", "Trajectory: A global voice of Science and Literature" and " Let Peace Spread out from my Home and me" and "Money, War and Peace", "Exploring Peace through Essays and Short Stories"Apart from that, he has successfully organized five International literary festivals and four International seminars on peace.
    He is a teacher of Mathematics. He passed B.Sc Mathematics ( Hons). He is an Indian. He is the editor of " Message of Humanity". His father was the Late Prafulla Kumar Paul and his mother was late Amiya Rani Paul. His date of birth is 20th February 1967. He wrote fiction entitled "Self-realization of a Peace Lover". He is the author of the book of essays entitled “Establishing Peace and Spiritual Thinking” and " Inner World". He attended many International seminars and International festivals as an honorable guest of our country as well foreign countries. He has been awarded nationally and internationally. His four books have been published by KDP, U.S.A, and others have been published by the most reputed International Publisher in India. Most of his books are available on Amazon , Flipkart Google Bookstore and other stores.



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