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    Mr. T. Rajan, M.E ,(Ph.D.) Currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, School of Engineering, Presidency University, Bangalore. He is Pursuing a Ph.D. where he is interested in Theoretical Computer Science and Automata Theory. His work has spanned various aspects of automata theory, including the development of novel algorithms, the study of computational complexity, and the exploration of connections between automata theory and real-world applications. He passion for teaching and mentorship is evident through his extensive experience as a university professor. He has taught courses on Automata theory, formal languages, and Theoretical computer science at both undergraduate and Post graduate levels. He has around 8 Years of experience in the field of Teaching. In addition to "Automata Theory,” Mr. Rajan.T has authored numerous research papers, articles, and book chapters in the field of computer science. His Research Interests Includes, • Computational Complexity, • Class P, and Class NP.
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