12 Ways to Slow Down and Fasten Up Launched at New Delhi World Book Fair 2024

12 Ways to Slow Down and Fasten Up Launched at New Delhi World Book Fair 2024

The 2024 edition of the New Delhi World Book Fair commenced on February 10, marking the beginning of an eagerly anticipated event meticulously organised by the National Book Trust of India. This dynamic meet of literary enthusiasts, comprising writers, readers, and publishers from various genres, transformed into a vibrant hub of ideas and creativity.

Amidst the bustling crowd, Clever Fox Publishing stood out prominently. The publishing house showcased a captivating array of talented writers and their compelling books, seizing the opportunity not only to display but also to launch these literary works. Of notable mention was the unveiling of Anshu Joshi Singh Ghosh’s book, 12 Ways to Slow Down and Fasten Up, on February 15, 2024, which added another layer of excitement and depth to the fair’s literary offerings.

Anshu Joshi Singh’s diverse background as a designer, author, painter, teacher, and passionate gardener enriches the insights shared in 12 Ways to Slow Down and Fasten Up. Drawing from her personal experiences and expertise in numerology and life coaching practices, Anshu provides readers with a holistic approach to self-discovery and personal growth.

In 12 Ways to Slow Down and Fasten Up, Anshu Joshi Singh presents a collection of simple yet strategic techniques designed to empower individuals to embrace challenges as opportunities, calm their minds and souls, and apply perseverance to all situations. This transformative guide aims to help readers unlock their true potential, achieve success, and find lasting happiness in today’s fast-paced world. Through this cathartic verse, readers will discover the significance of maintaining a calm mind amidst life’s pressures, ultimately leading to success and fulfilment.

To achieve the best results from this transformative guide, Anshu encourages readers to slow down, take time to digest the wisdom shared and embrace the journey towards self-improvement. This is not just a book; it is a powerful tool for navigating life’s challenges with courage and confidence. Whether you’re facing work stress, social pressures, or information overload, this book offers invaluable guidance for achieving success on your own terms.

If you are tired of constantly running at a fast pace and are seeking ways to slow down, this is a must-read. Grab your copy now.

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