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    Prof Chithra.K M.Sc(N) in the speciality of Medical Surgical Nursing, and pursuing as Nursing Scholar Ph.D in at Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth University in Puducherry and working as Principal in Pramoth Nath Das Academy of Nursing. She has 20 year experiences in Nursing and she has guided the UG AND PG students for research articles and published 13 research articles in National and International journals.Prof. Dr. Geetha.C. M.Sc (N)) in the speciality of Child Health Nursing, PhD in Nursing), M.A., PGDHM. She is working as an former Associate Dean Research, Professor Cum HOD Nursing Foundation in Kasturba Gandhi Nursing College, Recognized Ph.D Guide at Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth University in Puducherry. She has 22 years’ experience in Nursing and has 5 Copy Rights, 1 Patent, completed 42 Nursing Projects and also published 40 research articles in National and International journals. She is holding the eminent position as Associate Editor in various journals, Examiner for PhD Nursing, UG and PG at various medical universities and as Resource Person in National and International conferences. She has received the President Award- India, Governor Award in Honourable Governor of Tamilnadu. Tamil Nadu Lion Prof. K.R.Sundarajan Best Teacher Award and Kalvi Chemmal Award for Best Speaker.
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    Hand Book Of Urinary Incontinence In Older Women

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    One of today’s Arahants, the author, Dr Ariyathushel Arahant was exposed to Buddha’s teachings and practices at a very young age. Although Dr Ariyathushel Arahant was drawn to Buddha’s teachings since a child, she did not share her Dhamma knowledge before her full enlightenment as it was felt not appropriate to share something without gaining a full understanding of Nibbana. Unless one gains Nibbana, it is reasonable to expect that one will be unable to explain the training path that leads to Nibbana. Thus, it is only after attaining Arahantship, that Dr Ariyathushel Arahant discusses the training path that leads to Nibbana for the benefit of fellow Dhamma practitioners who are seeking Nibbana.About other subject knowledge, Dr Ariyathushel Arahant’s other expertise include scientific research in the areas of mind, mental health, emotions, and feelings, well-beings, social learning, divisions, and research methods, and many more. She has experience in teaching and supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students from various countries in the UK universities, and several other universities in the world. She has a B.A (Psychology), M.P.M (Psychology), Ph.D., M.A (Buddhist Studies), PGCE (Cognitive Behavioral Science), PGCE (Research Methods), PGCE (Higher Education), Certificate in Agent based modelling for the Social Scientist, Certificate in Systematic Review & Meta-analysis, Professional Certificate in Statistics, Research Modelling with Mplus, Certificate of Multilevel Modelling for Scientists, Certificate in Pali, Advanced Diploma in French, Advanced Diploma in Japanese, Visharad in Music (equivalent to B.A Music), Diploma in Instrumental Music, and Certificate in Good Clinical Practice (GCP), UK. Her general interest includes contributing towards enhancing health and well-being outcomes and serving humanity.Spiritual practice is not something separate from daily life. There is a path and practice for gaining Nibbana based on right understanding. Given that the teachings leading to Nibbana are based on the right understanding, to develop the deep understanding of the teachings of Buddha leading to Nibbana, there is a need to go beyond ordinary views to gain noble views and go beyond ordinary techniques to train in the noble techniques. Training path leading to Nibbana can be developed by hearing a few right words, the books written by Dr Ariyathushel Arahant serves towards describing the practice leading to Nibbana beyond ordinary ways, and will contribute to those who aspire to gain Nibbana and that they will be able to fulfil their wishes.
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    Little Laudable Learners offers specialized courses designed to enhance the communication skills of young learners. Our comprehensive curriculum guides students in strategic reading, public speaking, creative writing, and storytelling, with a strong emphasis on grammar. Through engaging and interactive lessons, we empower students to become confident and articulate communicators.As part of our curriculum, Little Laudable Learners are encouraged to write their own stories. This book is a proud anthology of their imaginative and expressive works, showcasing the creativity and talent of our young authors. Join us in celebrating the voices of tomorrow with this inspiring collection of stories and poems.
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    Whispers from Young Minds (Series 1) : A Collection of Student Stories and Poems

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    Suryamita Chatterjee has a solid academic background and has chosen to teach Chemistry as her profession. She was born and raised on a small, peaceful campus of India's premier Institute for Science and Technology. She is a postgraduate in Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, in West Bengal, India. She has been teaching in high school, and her students have cherished her immensely for articulating each topic as a story, even while teaching. Although she might sound serious in her choice of profession and subject, you can rest assured that she is quite the opposite of that! She is also a life skills trainer, and all her lessons are filled with jokes and stories, even when she teaches solemn topics in either Chemistry or Conflict Resolution Skills!Suryamita takes such pleasure in telling a story that she could never give up a chance to tell one! Her narration is so unique and amusing that no one wants to miss an opportunity to be a part of her audience. According to her, teaching is also "telling a story." Everything could be made interesting if a story could be made from the learning. Even the air in her classroom comes alive with different chemical elements depicting human nature and behaviour! Suryamita has been an avid reader throughout her childhood and still reads herself to sleep at night. Throughout her childhood, her friends would always be found sitting around her, enthralled and fascinated, listening to her stories, and losing complete track of the time! Her adult life has been no different. The content of her stories for adults is more serious and mature, yet the tale's articulation remains fascinating!When it comes to fiction, her popularity is quite the same with both adults and children and given a choice, she prefers her audience to be somewhere in between, meaning young adults. She is like a captivating friend who tells a story better than their books and grandparents! She can draw people towards her like a magnet when she starts narrating one. People love to make friends with her as she communicates with them uniquely, even when she is not telling a story. Older adults around her behave no differently, and after all, who would not like to hear a good tale if she were around?If the story is narrated from a movie, you could have her tell the story to make you see the film as she saw it instead of hearing it. So, imagine her trying to make you feel the fairy tale you read! Would you not want to be a part of that?Her very first and second e-books are number one bestsellers on Amazon now!
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    The Price of GREED : A Wrestler’s Tale!

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    Gaurika SinghAt just 13 years old, Gaurika Singh is already making waves in the literary world. A ninth-grade student with a profound love for literature, Gaurika's journey into writing began with the pages of dictionary books and novels. Her fascination with the intricacies of language and storytelling has propelled her to explore various genres and styles, honing her craft with each word she writes.However, it is Gaurika's deep-rooted passion for Hindu mythology that truly sets her apart. Immersed in the rich tapestry of mythological tales, she finds inspiration in the timeless stories of gods and goddesses, weaving elements of mythology into her own narratives with skill and creativity.Beyond her personal pursuits, Gaurika is driven by a noble ambition: to inspire and empower young writers to share their voices with the world. With a keen desire to motivate her peers and fellow aspiring authors, she actively seeks opportunities to encourage creativity and foster a love for storytelling among her peers.As she continues to navigate her literary journey, Gaurika remains committed to her goal of motivating and uplifting other young authors, proving that age is no barrier to pursuing one's dreams and making a meaningful impact through the power of words.
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    The Guardians of Eternity

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    Konstantina Priyadarshini Vasileiadou, a 14-year-old literary prodigy, possesses a unique blend of Indian and Greek heritage that serves as a canvas for her imaginative storytelling. Born to an Indian mother and a Greek father, Konstantina is a maiden writer whose pen weaves tales of teenage romance, creating narratives that resonate with the hearts of young readers.In her debut work, a captivating teenage romantic fiction, Konstantina brings to life the universal experiences of adolescence, love, and self-discovery. Drawing inspiration from the colourful apestry of her dual cultural upbringing, her writing effortlessly blends the spices of Indian romance with the poetic allure of Greek passion. The result is a narrative that not only explores the complexities of young love but also introduces readers to the enchanting fusion of Eastern and Western traditions.Konstantina’s storytelling prowess goes beyond the printed page. Through her characters and plotlines, she explores themes of cultural identity, family dynamics, and the transformative power of love. Her ability to infuse her work with the warmth of Indian familial bonds and the picturesque landscape of Greek romance creates a truly immersive reading experience.

    Crimson Roses & Hidden Desire

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    Dr. shalini Mehta is a multidimensional transformation expert integrating astrology , vastu ,deep parenting and life coaching to empower individuals, she utilizes a holistic approaches to address her client needs helping them navigate life challenges and achieves personal growth . Drawing from 28 years of experience and extensive training in various disciplines ,Dr Shalini Mehta offers a diverse range of services, including coaching ,mentoring, courses ,and consultantions. whether through life coaching ,NLP, Graphotherapy, Hypnotherapy, or Mindfulness practices she guides individuals on their journeys of self -discovery and empowerment. with a passion for sharing her knowledge Dr Mehta actively educates and inspire others through her work as therapist ,consultant and platform speaker. Her expertise spans various domains, including astrology, vaastu ,and Personal Development, empowering individuals to embrace their full potential and live fulfilling lives.
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    Architects of confidence : Building strong kids to thrive in challenging world

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    Dr. Gaivee Vinam Meshram is a multifaceted professional dedicated to enhancing physical and mental well-being. She earned her Bachelor in Dental Surgery (BDS) degree from Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukl University, specialized in Clinical Research from ICRI, New Delhi. Dr. Meshram then pursued her passion for research, for more than 6 years, where she did research in various departments. In addition to her academic achievements, Dr. Meshram is a certified life coach and counselor. She leverages her expertise to guide individuals through personal and professional challenges. Her compassionate approach and a deep understanding of human behavior allow her to empower clients to achieve their goals and cultivate meaningful lives.Beyond her clinical and coaching endeavors, Dr. Meshram is a prolific writer and speaker. She shares her insights on health, wellness, and personal development through various platforms. She is committed to bridging the gap between science and everyday life, translating complex research into practical strategies for holistic well-being.With a passion for helping others thrive, Dr. Gaivee Vinam Meshram continues to make a profound impact in medical and personal development. She inspires individuals to unlock their full potential and live fulfilling lives.
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    Emotional Armor: 10 Ways to Become Free from the Chains of Harmful Feelings

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    M. U. Shah, a Civil Engineering graduate, has a scholarly, distinguished academic career and an illustrious professional journey. He has worked in India and North Africa on various prestigious infrastructure projects and has been accredited with several exemplary achievements. A distinguished alumnus of The National Institute of Construction Management and Research, he is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award. An inspiring speaker, a trainer and a passionate writer, he has authored several papers on technical and managerial topics. He has represented various Technical Committee of The Bureau of Indian Standards and Indian Roads Congress. He has chaired and co-chaired several technical sessions and participated as a panellist in various seminars and conferences. He has also participated as Faculty for various training programme in India and abroad. His flagship wokshops on the topic of Excllencw are immensely popular. So far over 2500 paticipants have attended these workshops. He has been the Editor of Gammon Bulletin for over twenty five years.
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  • I'm a 23-year-old software developer hailing from Tiptur. Bangalore has been my home for the past 6 years, ever since I moved here for my studies. My passion lies in computer science, which I pursued in my undergraduate studies, and I've always been drawn to fiction for its ability to spark creativity and imagination.
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    BE(HONS) ELECTRICAL M.A. ASTROLOGY PhD (Vedic Astrology) Yoga Samskrutam University (YSAM) Florida, USA Diploma in Sanskrit Certificate course in Vedic studies Samvada Suktas online camp-Jan2023-6 days-Chinmaya International Bharatiya Darsana-An Introduction to Indian Philosophical systems-Chinmaya Viswavidyapeeth-June-July 2020Online Handson Experience on Research Methodology and Biostatistics-Level-2 -Morajidesai National Institute of Yoga, New Delhi July 2020 How to write a Literature Review Article-Method simplify.com-Sep 2020 Statistical Analysis using SPSS-Aug 2020-Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli Nyaya, Mimamsa, and Vedanta course conducted by Velukkudi Sri. Ranganathan-2021 Siksha by Dr. Korada Subrahmanyam, Prof of Sanskrit, Hyderabad-500019 Tantra Yukti -Indica by Dr. Mahadevan Samashrayanam done by 44th Azagiya singar and Prapatti done by 45th Azagiya singar Nrasimha Anushtup Mantropadesam got from 45th Azagiya singar Grantha Catustaya Kalakshepam from Astana Vidwans of Sri Ahibila Mutt: 1.Sri.Mannarkudi Rajagopalachariar 2.Sri.ThayyarLakshminrasimha chariarTaking classes on Bagavat Gita, SriBhashyam and Rahasya Traya sara to selected family and friends. (Weekly once) Taking Astrology classes online to those who need my help Guided for (PhD)- An empirical study by Sri. Ramki Murugan for his ICAS thesis. Guided for (PhD)-Navamsa Mr. Gururajan, a colleague of mine in Sastra University Learning Astrology from different Gurus, Sri. NVRA Raja (Nakshatra Siddhanta) Sri. Mantracalam, (Tamil Astrology which he learnt from His Guru-in a Gurukulam for 15 years, Sri. Gayatri Sankar, - Navamsa prediction techniques, ICAS-Chennai Chapter.AUTHOR OF THREE BOOKS (PUBLISHED): Bramha vidya -Vol-1,2 Yogic Life style for Modern women- co-authored for YogaRathna Dr. T Gargi Urmila
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    Patanjali Yoga Sutra: Samadhi Pada

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