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Welcome to Ziffy Bees a brand of Clever Fox Publishing – where the joy of reading comes with swift and secure delivery! We understand that receiving your favorite books in a timely and efficient manner is as important as choosing the perfect read. Here’s what you can expect from our shipping and delivery service:

FREE Delivery

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for free delivery, your order must meet the following criteria:

  1. Minimum Purchase Requirement: Orders must reach a total purchase cost of Rs 500 or above to qualify for free delivery, with delivery available anywhere within India.
  2. Free Delivery Coupon: If you have a free delivery coupon, you can use it to claim free delivery, regardless of the order total.
  3. How to Apply the Free Delivery Coupon:

    – During the checkout process, enter the provided coupon code in the designated field.,

    – The system will automatically provide you with the option to select a delivery model, where you can choose Free Delivery.

  4. Combining Offers: Free delivery coupons cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts unless explicitly stated.
  5. Delivery Charges without Eligibility: Orders below Rs 500 will incur standard delivery charges.
  6. Applicability: The free delivery policy applies to standard delivery within our specified delivery areas.
  7. Modifications to the Policy: We reserve the right to modify or terminate the free delivery policy at any time. Any changes will be communicated through our website and other relevant channels.

Speedy Dispatch

Your literary treasures are prepared for dispatch as soon as you click ‘Order.’ We strive to process and ship your books swiftly, ensuring minimal wait time between the excitement of purchase and the joy of delivery.

Secure Packaging

We take utmost care in packaging your books to protect them during transit. Our sturdy packaging ensures that your books arrive in pristine condition, ready to be enjoyed from the moment you unwrap them.

Global Reach

Ziffy Bees Book Store delivers to book enthusiasts worldwide, ensuring your favorite reads reach your doorstep regardless of location. We transcend borders, bringing the magic of literature to your fingertips. Please note, delivery charges may vary for countries outside India. For further information, please email us at

Real-Time Tracking

Stay in the loop with our real-time tracking feature. Know exactly where your package is on its journey to you. Tracking information is provided so you can anticipate the arrival of your new literary companions.

Flexible Options

Choose from a range of delivery options that suit your schedule. Whether you prefer standard shipping or express delivery, we’ve got you covered. We value your time and provide options to match your convenience..

At Ziffy Bees Book Store, our commitment is not just to curate an exceptional collection of books but also to ensure your reading experience begins seamlessly with our reliable shipping and delivery services. Dive into the world of literature, and let Ziffy Bees bring your favorite stories to your doorstep with speed, care, and a touch of magic!

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