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    Pravin Mishra, a well know figure in the world of technology and education, brings more than 13 years of IT industry experience and 8 years of dedicated service as an AWS Mentor & Trainer. His expertise in designing and implementing multi-Cloud solutions has been honed through extensive hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the field. Beginning his IT journey in 2009, Pravin contributed significantly to notable companies such as Nordcloud (an IBM company), Ericsson, Verizon, and ShepHertz Technologies, helping them build robust cloud IT infrastructures. This invaluable exposure to real-world scenarios and industry practices fueled his passion for AWS and other cloud technologies, setting the stage for his transition to education and mentoring. As a AWS Mentor, Pravin has tirelessly guided students and IT professionals, inspiring them to delve into the dynamic world of AWS Cloud. His pedagogical approach centers around the principle of "learning by doing" - a philosophy that ensures learners not only understand theoretical concepts but also gain practical, hands-on experience. This approach has proven instrumental in assisting a multitude of learners to transition their careers into the AWS Cloud, transforming their professional trajectories. Pravin's commitment to education extended to authoring books. His first book, "Cloud Computing with AWS", was published in 2023 under Apress Publisher. It was well-received and served as a practical guide for individuals and organizations aiming to leverage AWS for their cloud computing needs. His latest work, "Mastering AWS DevOps: A Comprehensive Guide to the Developer Tools Suite," builds on the success of his first book and exemplifies his deep knowledge, commitment to practical learning, and passion for AWS Cloud and DevOps. With his rich expertise, proven teaching methods, and dedication to guiding others towards success, Pravin continues to be a guiding light in the AWS training sphere. Through his books and training sessions, he aims to make AWS Cloud and DevOps more accessible, empowering more individuals to succeed in this dynamic industry.

    Mastering AWS DevOps: Your Path to Success: A Practical Guide to Building, Deploying, and Scaling Applications with AWS DevOps

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    Secured National Scholarship in Higher Secondary Examination held in 1988. Passed B.E. (Civil) from Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur under University of Calcutta in the year 1971 and obtained University Gold Medal, K.B. Bose Memorial Silver Medal and Slater Bronze Medal. Passed Combined Engineering Services (CES) examination held in 1972 and worked in Central Public Works Department (CPWD) till January 1984. During the course of service in CPWD, passed LL.B. examination under University of Calcutta and enrolled as an advocate in the year 1984 after resigning from the post of Executive Engineer, CPWD. An empanelled arbitrator in the Indian Council of Arbitration, New Delhi. A Fellow of Institution of Engineers (FIE) (India) and a Chartered Engineer of Institution of Engineers (India). A life member of Indian Law Institute, New Delhi. A Techno-Legal Counsel and also an Arbitrator in hundreds of arbitration cases (both domestic and international), relating to works contract inter alia for massive housing projects. dams, hydro-electric projects, atomic power plant, port dock and harbour projects, thermal power stations, large signalling contracts of railways, railway track laying work by track laying machine, bridges, express highways etc.
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    Venkat, affectionately called "Shi Mpundu" (father of twin girls) by his old Zambian classmates, heads IBM Quantum India. With a PhD from IIT Delhi and a 26-year tech career, he has earned 34 patents, published 150 research papers, and received the title of IBM Master Inventor. Venkat is dedicated to pushing India to the forefront of quantum computing. He also mentors at IIT Delhi, bridging theory with practical applications. A lifelong local, he has lived 80% of his life within 20 km of his birthplace in Safdarjung, Delhi.
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    Quantum Nation : India’s Leap into the Future

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    Chidurala Rahul is an MBBS graduate from Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research in Chennai, He is a curious individual who believes in optimism and the power of hard work. Passionate about advancements in healthcare, particularly artificial intelligence, he has actively organized national events through Rotaract clubs. He has conducted multiple research projects funded by the ICMR and the Summer Chancellor Fellowship, with his work published in reputable medical journals. Additionally, he has collaborated with multiple NGOs focused on creating a happier and healthier environment. An avid reader and capable leader, Rahul has held several leadership positions in various youth and medical organizations.
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    Kurukshetram 2.0: Awareness on Childhood Cancer

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  • Aditya Kulkarni is a talented 12-year-old with a passion for Indian history, particularly the life and legacy of Shivaji Maharaj. His debut book offers a captivating exploration of the heroic deeds and remarkable leadership of this legendary figure. With a keen interest in storytelling and a dedication to historical accuracy, Aditya brings the tale of Shivaji Maharaj to life for readers of all ages. Through his writing, he aims to inspire others with the courage, resilience, and vision exemplified by Shivaji Maharaj. Aditya Kulkarni resides in Doha, Qatar, where he continues to explore his love for Indian literature and history.
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    Chhatrapati Hero of Hindustan

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    As a writer, I believe in the transformative power of love. It's the force that shapes destinies, shatters boundaries, and leaves an indelible mark on our souls. This passion fuels my desire to weave stories that explore the depths of human connection, where hearts collide, dreams entwine, and even the fiercest storms cannot extinguish the flames of love. In my latest love stories, "Timeless," I invite you to embark on a captivating journey beyond the ordinary. This isn't your typical love story; it delves into the complexities of the human heart, where love transcends expectations and redefines what it means to truly connect. Whether it's a second chance at love that defies societal norms, a soul-stirring connection that defies time itself, or a love story that blossoms amidst unexpected circumstances.
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    Simran : short true Love stories

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    She is a happy mother and a loving wife to her husband, She started studying these arts in her late thirties, and she plans to become a motivational life coach. This is her first non-fiction piece and the amount of research she put into it was impressive. She holds and performs all her tasks successfully. She is a Software Engineer, The Company's Lead Developer, a painter and a digital designer.
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    Goddess of Happiness: A Journey of Self Discovery

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    Sh Dheer Kapoor is a Teacher By Profession and an Astrologer. He holds (MA Jyotish Shastra)", B. Tech, MBA and MSE Mathematics degrees. He won Gold Medalist in Mathematics, when he Scored 100 Marks In ISC Nith Exams. He has Rich Experience of 7 years Working in FMCG Sales and Marketing Corporate Job. He started learning Astrology many years back where he found that Astrology is such a deep Science which has the Solution to all our Life Problems. The solution to all our miseries is within us, all we need is to Dive Within, turu insarnds and explore our True Self. He started Shrinathli Astrology Vedic Academy to share his knowledge with other Astrology Lovers Slarinathli Astrology Prosides Expert Guidance through Astrology Learning Modules Courses Astrology Consultation in various domains such as Wealth and Finance, Career, Health, Marriage Match Making and other specific Native requirements. From past many years Dheer has been Consulting and helping People from all walks of life from India as well as International Natives, to find solutions to their life Problems "All Power I within You. You can do anything and everything. Believe in that
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    Learn Astrology (In Depth and Advance Concepts)

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    Dr JP Aggarwal is a retired senior Professor of English and a reputed writer, critic and novelist. He has supervised many Ph. D and M. Phil students and published many books on criticism on American and British novelists such as Harold Pinter, Edward Albee, Fredric Jameson and V.S. Naipaul. He has an experience of teaching, research and writing for more than four decades. He remained in America for three years as a researcher pursuing his Ph. D on American Drama. He is engaged in writing novels on the postmodern themes such as cheating, disloyalty, greed, alienation, depression, nausea, decadence of faith and dissolution of self. These issues and challenges had confronted the people all over the world with the transformation of postmodern culture. He published his novels Youth and Age, Fair And Foul in Love, The Naga Girl & The Old Age Love, he wrote The Only Cheating Story, Firki: The Ganga Ghat Girl depicting the sexual exuberance and oppression of the vampire woman.
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    Oh! Jassie! Oh! Jassie

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    The author. Dr.(Major)P. Premanjali is a retired army officer and a radiologist. She is the first daughter of Mr.V.P.Purushotham Advocate and T.S.Sarojini Devi. Her mother was the first lady headmistress of the government higher secondary school Tamilnadu and an honorary presidency magistrate of the juvenile court. The author is a regular contributor of articles to the Hindu, and Indian Express and has many articles and papers published in national and international journals to her credit. She is a veena player, a good cook, and a gardener all rolled into one. She had a flair for enacting dramas and plays which she enacted at the Kalaivanar Arangam Chennai. She is a voracious leader of English literature mainly of romantic genre. She has mastered the Thirukural and has read the Bhagavad Gita thrice so far. The author in her book "Remember at 70" traces her journey of life from Besantnagar to Baramullah. She donned the military uniform with great pride and is now spending the twilight years of her life in an old age home.
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    Remember at 70

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  • I am a Social Media Sava, YouTube Blogger, and an Author. I am on the Journey of Writing Books on Different book Genres! My First Book is Titled as Earn Money 24 Hours A Day & 7 Day A Week ! Passive Income Even After You Die ! ! ! is Published, which is a Non-Friction Genere. Next, I am planning to Publish another Non-Friction Book which will be talking about converting Your Thoughts to Action and convert it into Wealth ! I am also planning to write a Poetry Book and a Novel, My Poetry Idea is to talk about Behaviour and Actions as a Poem. And Novel will be on all of these on Walk of a Man's Life. I Have started my journey and It's on hand of my Readers and Viewers who buy my Books. Who are going to bring in Success in my Journey ! Thanks in Advance - Joel John J, Author
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    Earn Money 24 Hours A Day & 7 Day A Week ! Passive Income Even After You Die ! ! ! : Convert Day Dreaming To Action & Reality Open The Power of Your Subconscious Mind ! ! ! Become an Influencer !

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    Raman Bansal, hailing from a Small town of Punjab, i.e. DHURI(Sangrur) is a seasoned start-up enthusiast, an author, an engineer and an educator. With a degree in Electronics & Communication and having 24 years of working experience with both established corporations and nimble start-ups, Raman brings a unique perspective to his writing, blending academic insights with practical, hands-on experience. Raman Bansal has already written 4 books, available on Amazon (Both Physical & EBook) and Start-up Engineering is his 5th book. He has also an experience of creating a K12 CBSE affiliated School and His many articles on education have been featured in leading education magazines. He is also appreciated by Ministry of IT and IIT Roorkee during his professional corporate career.
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    Startup Engineering

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  • Dr. Siva Prakash J S M.Com., M.B.A., M.F.C., M.A., PGDDM., DGT., Ph.D., With a decade of experience as a Development Professional, the author seamlessly transitioned into academia, having served at Loyola College, Chennai, in the Department of Commerce and at the School of Management, SASTRA Deemed to be University, Thanjavur. His combined industrial and academic journey spans 20 years, focusing on Monitoring and Evaluation, Training and Development, and Research, following the successful completion of the MBA Programme in Development Management at Tata-Dhan Academy, under the prestigious Sir Ratan Tata Fellowship. The author boasts an impressive publication record, with 58 Research Papers to his name, out of which 40 are featured in Indexed Journals, showcasing his unwavering commitment to scholarly dissemination.
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    Organisational Behaviour : A Text Book for Mastering Management (UGC NET/SET, TRB, PG & UG Students of Management)

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    Anand Suspi published his debut novel in 2016, his childhood autobiography called `Half Pants Full Pants’. It received critical acclaim with several readers comparing it to Malgudi Days. The book was adapted into a web series and released on Amazon Prime Video in 2022.
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    The Bookseller Of Mogga

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  • Dr Syed Shahid Nasim Hyder,a retired Assist Professor,HOD,Dept of English, Birsa College,under Ranchi University had joined RU services through Bihar State University Services Commission via BET accredited by UGC. He did Doctorate on the Fiction of Khushwant Singh . He has four books of fiction internationally sold to his credit. 1-Love,Jehad&Terrorism. 2-Nikah,Ashiki& Condom. 3-Muslim Women :Tradition& Modernity 4-I Lost My Faith
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    Death of a Hero

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    Priyabolagani, whose full name is Lakshmipriya Bolagani, began her literary journey at a remarkably young age. Starting to publish e-books at 17, she has dedicated six years to honing her craft and has now expanded her reach into traditional publishing with the book CHANGING SEASONS. She has written eleven e-books, and now her twelfth book CHANGING SEASONS will be her debut book in traditional publishing. For those interested in following her literary pursuits: Instagram: @priyabolagani Facebook Page: priyabolagani LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/priya-bolagani-54a7a2296 E-mail: priyabolagani4d1@gmail.com Website: https://priyabolagani.com
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    Changing Seasons

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