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    Suryamita Chatterjee has a solid academic background and has chosen to teach Chemistry as her profession. She was born and raised on a small, peaceful campus of India's premier Institute for Science and Technology. She is a postgraduate in Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, in West Bengal, India. She has been teaching in high school, and her students have cherished her immensely for articulating each topic as a story, even while teaching. Although she might sound serious in her choice of profession and subject, you can rest assured that she is quite the opposite of that! She is also a life skills trainer, and all her lessons are filled with jokes and stories, even when she teaches solemn topics in either Chemistry or Conflict Resolution Skills!Suryamita takes such pleasure in telling a story that she could never give up a chance to tell one! Her narration is so unique and amusing that no one wants to miss an opportunity to be a part of her audience. According to her, teaching is also "telling a story." Everything could be made interesting if a story could be made from the learning. Even the air in her classroom comes alive with different chemical elements depicting human nature and behaviour! Suryamita has been an avid reader throughout her childhood and still reads herself to sleep at night. Throughout her childhood, her friends would always be found sitting around her, enthralled and fascinated, listening to her stories, and losing complete track of the time! Her adult life has been no different. The content of her stories for adults is more serious and mature, yet the tale's articulation remains fascinating!When it comes to fiction, her popularity is quite the same with both adults and children and given a choice, she prefers her audience to be somewhere in between, meaning young adults. She is like a captivating friend who tells a story better than their books and grandparents! She can draw people towards her like a magnet when she starts narrating one. People love to make friends with her as she communicates with them uniquely, even when she is not telling a story. Older adults around her behave no differently, and after all, who would not like to hear a good tale if she were around?If the story is narrated from a movie, you could have her tell the story to make you see the film as she saw it instead of hearing it. So, imagine her trying to make you feel the fairy tale you read! Would you not want to be a part of that?Her very first and second e-books are number one bestsellers on Amazon now!
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    The Price of GREED : A Wrestler’s Tale!

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    Gaurika SinghAt just 13 years old, Gaurika Singh is already making waves in the literary world. A ninth-grade student with a profound love for literature, Gaurika's journey into writing began with the pages of dictionary books and novels. Her fascination with the intricacies of language and storytelling has propelled her to explore various genres and styles, honing her craft with each word she writes.However, it is Gaurika's deep-rooted passion for Hindu mythology that truly sets her apart. Immersed in the rich tapestry of mythological tales, she finds inspiration in the timeless stories of gods and goddesses, weaving elements of mythology into her own narratives with skill and creativity.Beyond her personal pursuits, Gaurika is driven by a noble ambition: to inspire and empower young writers to share their voices with the world. With a keen desire to motivate her peers and fellow aspiring authors, she actively seeks opportunities to encourage creativity and foster a love for storytelling among her peers.As she continues to navigate her literary journey, Gaurika remains committed to her goal of motivating and uplifting other young authors, proving that age is no barrier to pursuing one's dreams and making a meaningful impact through the power of words.
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    The Guardians of Eternity

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  • I'm a 23-year-old software developer hailing from Tiptur. Bangalore has been my home for the past 6 years, ever since I moved here for my studies. My passion lies in computer science, which I pursued in my undergraduate studies, and I've always been drawn to fiction for its ability to spark creativity and imagination.
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    Anand Suspi published his debut novel in 2016, his childhood autobiography called `Half Pants Full Pants’. It received critical acclaim with several readers comparing it to Malgudi Days. The book was adapted into a web series and released on Amazon Prime Video in 2022.
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    The Bookseller Of Mogga

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  • Dr Syed Shahid Nasim Hyder,a retired Assist Professor,HOD,Dept of English, Birsa College,under Ranchi University had joined RU services through Bihar State University Services Commission via BET accredited by UGC. He did Doctorate on the Fiction of Khushwant Singh . He has four books of fiction internationally sold to his credit. 1-Love,Jehad&Terrorism. 2-Nikah,Ashiki& Condom. 3-Muslim Women :Tradition& Modernity 4-I Lost My Faith
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    Death of a Hero

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    Priyabolagani, whose full name is Lakshmipriya Bolagani, began her literary journey at a remarkably young age. Starting to publish e-books at 17, she has dedicated six years to honing her craft and has now expanded her reach into traditional publishing with the book CHANGING SEASONS. She has written eleven e-books, and now her twelfth book CHANGING SEASONS will be her debut book in traditional publishing.For those interested in following her literary pursuits:Instagram: @priyabolagani Facebook Page: priyabolaganiLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/priya-bolagani-54a7a2296 E-mail: priyabolagani4d1@gmail.com Website: https://priyabolagani.com
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    Changing Seasons

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